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RRB JE Virtual Calculator

How to Use RRB JE Virtual Calculator

Scientific calculator discussed below is same as per the RRB JE Virtual Calculator or  Scientific Calculator. This Virtual calculator will be shown to you at the time of examination on the computer screen. This calculator also has ‘help’ feature to tell you what to DO and not to Do and limitation of the RRB JE Scientific calculator.

Make sure to get sufficient practice on this RRB JE Virtual Calculator so that your RRB JE examination proceeds without a hitch. Familiarize yourself with all its aspects and function. pick up speed and learn where all the different function is located so there is no last-minute surprise. As everyone knows the RRB JE examination is going to be conducted by TCs, so it would be the same in the examination.

rrb je virtual calculator

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RRB JE Virtual Calculator – Instructions

Allows you to perform basic and complex mathematical operations such as modulus, square root, cube root, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, hyperbolic functions, etc. You can operate the calculator using the buttons provided on-screen
with your mouse.

What to do

Be sure to press [C] when beginning a new calculation.
Simply an equation using parenthesis and other mathematical operators.
Use the predefined operations such as p (Pi), log, exp to save time during the calculation.
Use memory function for calculating cumulative totals.
[M+]: Will add displayed value to memory.
[MR]: Will recall the value stored in memory.
[M-]: Subtracts the displayed value from memory.
Be sure select the angle unit (Deg or Rad) before beginning any calculation

Note: By default, angle value is in degree

What not to do

  • Perform multiple operations together.
  • Leave parenthesis unbalanced.
  • Change the angle unit (Deg or Rad) while performing a calculation.


  • Keyboard operation is disabled.
  • The output for a Factorial calculation is precise up to 14 digits.
  • The output for Logarithmic and Hyperbolic calculations is precise up to 5 digits.
  • Modulus (mod) operation performed on decimal numbers with 15 digits would not be precise.
  • Use mod operation only if the number comprises of less than 15 digits i.e. mod operation provides best results for
    smaller numbers.
  • The range of value supported by the calculator is 10(-323) to

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