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Are You An Educator?

Hey Educators,
It’s Ameen from Aimed2Success, we are growing fast on Youtube and now wanted to serve more to our Viewers. We just need some Educators who can serve their knowledge in the best way. One can serve with their Idea, Notes, Free Ebooks, Images, Pdfs, Videos, and Blog on our Website.

✍ Why join

I’ll teach you the basic concept of Youtube so that you can grow yourself fast. It would be a free intern to learn each and everything about different social media platforms.

✍ Tips:

1. You will not upload the same video on Youtube (you will get a copyright strike). Instead of this, you can upload these videos on your Facebook Fan Page.
2. You can make Video Voice over/ video through camera too.
3. You’ll have to be regular.
4. If you are regular and your video would be liked by audience u can earn a decent amount through Youtube.
5. Youtube is the best way to get popularity if you serve best. And if u are getting a well-settled platform so you can stable yourself very fast.

✍ Send me a video sample of at least 7-10 minutes, or any other stuffs what you want to share with us, so that I can check your strength. You can choose any Subject.


✍ Why I join Aimed2Success instead of Unacademy or another platform.

I’ll give you freedom of making video and you can earn as much as you make a video instead of a fixed income provided by others.